Give yourself and to those you love a once in a lifetime cruise at the island of Amorgos.

Discover the secret beauties of Amorgos and enjoy the best beaches where one can go to only by boat. Take pictures of the ornament of our island, “the monastery of Holy Mary Hozoviotissa”. The grandeur of its view can be seen while aboard standing like a white dove on the steep rocks that stretch down to the sea. Take pictures next to the petrified pirate and swim at the most beautiful beach of the island “Chalara” where one can get there only by boat. All the wildlife of Amorgos (steep rocks, beaches and unique caves) can be captured there.

Give yourself and your loved ones a cruise that will remain unforgettable to you!


Day Cruise South of Amorgos

Come with us on the day cruise which is a round trip of the island. You can enjoy the attractions and enjoy our island by travelling on our luxurious sea cruiser “Maria Vek” and experience an unforgettable excursion. Our aim is to offer you a once in a lifetime experience and vacation and our excellent captain will take care of that!


Day Cruise Around of Amorgos

Join us on a day cruise around Amorgos and enjoy the beaches of our island where access is possible only by boat. Sail with our luxurious boat “Maria Vek” which provides comfort, safety and luxury while it takes you to all the attractions of the island making your cruise an unforgettable experience.


Day Cruise from Amorgos to Keros, Antikeri and Gramvousa

Come with us on the day cruise and discover the beautiful islands of Keros, Antikeri and Gramvousa, with our luxurious sea cruiser “Maria Vek”. We want to make your experience an unforgettable one!. Our aim is to offer you a once in a lifetime experience and vacation and our excellent captain will take care of that!


Day Cruise from Amoergos to Koufonisia, Keros, Antikeri and Gramvousa

A unique opportunity to enjoy the wild beauty, the crystal clear waters and the endless blue of the small Cyclades. We are waiting for you on an adventurous cruise to create memories that will be unforgettable.


Watch in this video
the beauties of Amorgos

Day Cruise to Small Cyclades

Enjoy our day cruise “Small Cyclades” and rejoice in seeing all the beauties our island boasts. Amorgos is our base and by sailing in the luxurious sea cruiser “Maria Vek” we sail to all the smaller islands: Schinousa, Iraklia and Koufonisia enjoying the wildlife as well as swimming in the crystal clear blue water surrounding them.


Week Cruise to Small Cyclades

Enjoy our week cruise “Small Cyclades” and indulge yourself with the Aegean Sea like never before! Naxos is our base and from there we will sail to all the islands of the “Small Cyclades” with our experienced captain in our luxurious sea cruiser “Maria Vek“. Our captain will make this experience unique for you!


Our Captain


Antonis Vekris