Amorgos Mine

Bauxite is a rock which is a combination of minerals. It consists of aluminum which is a well known lightweight metal.

Amorgos boasts many oil fields in its underground, a fact which turned that location into a mine for extracting bauxite in the area of Kroukelo in Egiali in the beginning of the previous century.

The legal rights of the mine belonged to Ioannis Vougiouklakis and his partners Skouze and Serpieri who also owned other mines on the islands of Cyclades, according to official publications of those times.

Many locals worked in the mines and constuction but work there stopped in the 1940s. In the end of the 1970s, there were attempts to make use of them again (drilling, production testings) by Dimitrios M Skalistiris, owner of ELIMIN, but his attempts were abandoned.

Today, those abandoned mines are a view for many, as are the arcades that consist of great constructions and buildings.They impress and cause awe when one sees them, taking one back to the period of those times.

The arcades of the mines are scattered on the mountain. Others are big and others are small while others are deep in the ground.

The cones are big rock constructions with very tall walls where was the material and through great metal gates the boats that loaded the bauxite were led. Access was feasible by a steep path that started from the chapel of Stavros and was difficult to follow due to the rough and spoilt land and the steep ground and rocks.

It is a fact that if accessibility was easier there, the mines would be one of the greatest landmaks of Amorgos.