Give yourself and to those you love a once in a lifetime cruise at the island of Amorgos.

Discover the secret beauties of Amorgos and enjoy the best beaches where one can go to only by boat. Take pictures of the ornament of our island, “the monastery of Holy Mary Hozoviotissa”. The grandeur of its view can be seen while aboard standing like a white dove on the steep rocks that stretch down to the sea. Take pictures next to the petrified pirate and swim at the most beautiful beach of the island “Chalara” where one can get there only by boat. All the wildlife of Amorgos (steep rocks, beaches and unique caves) can be captured there.

Give yourself and your loved ones a cruise that will remain unforgettable to you!



Discover beautiful Amorgos on our luxurious sea cruiser “Maria Vek” and we are certain that this will be an unforgettable experience for you!

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We sail off in “Maria Vek” at 9.30 from the port of Katapola towards the south of Amorgos.

We sail at low speed, giving you the chance to take pictures of cape Kastri (the castle of ancient Arkesini) and the shipwreck sailing on between Gramvousa isle and Kalotaritissa. We sail along the coast of cape Timoni and the beach of Mouro reaching St Anna’s bay beneath the imposing monastery. We take a short stopover so you can capture the shining star of our island which is the monastery of Holy Mary Hozoviotissa which stands out like a white dove sitting on the steep rocks of Amorgos. This is the location of the movie “The Big Blue” written by Luc Besson, which made Amorgo famous worldwide.

Next we sail along at low speed on the south port of Amorgos towards Chalara beach where we can admire and capture the wild beauty and view of the steep rocks and caves that magically reach the level of the sea.

At around 12:00 we sail along Chalara beach which is considered the best isolated beach of Amorgos. This is where we can see the “petrified pirate“. The myth says that many years ago pirates began their journey from the east to plunder Amorgos and the rich monastery of Holy Mary Hozoviotissa. As they were sailing along the south coast of Amorgos from cavo Kroukelo towards the monastery, they saw the great beach of Chalara and so anchored to rest. Holy Mary, who protected the island of Amorgos petrified their captain and it has been named “petrified pirate” to date. The rest of the pirate crew abandoned the twopirate boats which were drifted away beneath the monastery.They were also petrified by Holy Mary and turned into isles which have remained there until today and named Mikro and Megalo Viokastro in St Anna’s bay.

At this beach we anchor for 2 hours and there you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of the “Big Blue”, capture the “petrified pirate” and our crew will serve you an excellent lunch on deck along with organic local wine or any other drink of your choice!

At around 2:00 we set sail from Chalara at low speed along Sparti bay to the mines of Amorgo, where you can see and take pictures of the caves where bauxite was extracted from and used until the year 1939.

You can also see the ruins of the buildings as well as the last remains of bauxite that were never loaded.

Finally, we sail along the northeast side of Amorgos where one can see the steep rocks that stretch down to the sea and the beaches of small and big Vlihada, Egiali and the islands of Nikouria and Grabonisi.At 16:00 we sail to Katapola port ending the round trip of Amorgos and our extraordinary cruise!


We would like to inform you that in case of bad weather (winds above 3 beaufort) and to avoid waves, you will be taken free of charge to the beach of Mouro by our private coach, which will be waiting for you at Katapolo.From there you will embark on the sea cruiser and the cruise will go on in calm sea.
The south part of Amorgos is free of north winds and waves.In this case we only get to see the south side of Amorgos and return to the beach of Mouros again where the coach will take you to the port of Katapolo.If the starting point is changed due to weather conditions you will be informed 1-2 days earlier via telephone or a message on your cell phone.

Cruise cost

During May, June, September and October, the cost of the one-day cruise is 2360 euros for the boat and 1000 euros for the fuel -a total of 3360 euros. Boat, crew, food and drinks are included in the price. If you wish to have the boat only for you and your family or friends, you proceed to the payment of this price. If you wish to share a cruise with other people, you get to share the cost. Therefore, if you make a total of 14 people, the cost for each one of you is 250 euros.

During July and August, the cost is 2730 euros for the boat and 1000 euros for the fuel -a total of 3730 euros. Therefore, for a shared cruise the cost is 270 euros per person.

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