In the year 1987 businessman and captain Andonis Vekris, established the company Sailing Tourist Industries and with the sailing boat “Captain Pantelis” he organised cruises in the Saronic, Cyclades and Amorgos.

In 2011 he sold “Captain Pantelis” and bought a Motor-Yacht Princess 60 as a private yacht , giving it the name “Maria Vek“. In 2015 he founded the sailing company Amorgos-Yachting and with this sailing boat he does private cruises in the Saronic, the Cyclades and Amorgos.

Since 2018 he decided to organize day and week cruises with headquarters at the port of Katapolo in Amorgos. These cruises were at Amorgos, Naxos, Paros and the small Cyclades. In this way he thought that he can give the opportunity to people who choose to visit Amorgos for a holiday, to go on a splendid private cruise for 7 people or even a private cruise of 12 people.

By doing so they will be able to visit the most beautiful sights and secluded beaches where one can reach only by boat, making their holidays unforgettable.