Amorgos – Monastery of Holy Mary Hozoviotissa

The most bright ornament of the island is the monastery. It is also the most interesting landmark of the island which was built on a steep rock, about 300 metres above the sea in 1088. The view of The “Big Blue” from there is magical!

Tradition says that during the period of the iconoclasm, a Christian woman from Hozovo of Palestine threw the icon of Holy Mary in the sea so as not to get destroyed by the iconoclasts. The icon was drifted to the coast of St Anna and the people of Amorgos decided to build a church there in honor of Holy Mary. After many ardships and miracles, which are all written in the Turkish guide of Amorgos that was published, the monastery was built and stands to date.

The view from there is unique as well as it is from our sea cruiser which looks on to the monastery.
From the sea it can be seen as a white dove standing on the steep rocks of the area and it is a wonder how they then chose to build such an architectural masterpiece there. Architects today still wonder about how it was built!

This work of art can be seen during our cruise.